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Verification of Thai to English Translation 


    • The Royal Thai Embassy can certified the English translation for Thai official documents
      • Thai Identification Card
      • House Registration
      • Thai Birth Certificate
      • Thai Death Certificate (For Thai National)
      • Certificate of Name Change or Surname Change
      • Marriage Certificate
      • Divorce Certificate
      • Civil Registration Documents
      • Family Registration Documents
        Documents other than those listed above must be certified by the Department of Consular Affairs, Bangkok, Thailand.


  • Recommendations
    • Applicants can translate the document into English language by oneself or authorize others to translate. The translation has to be properly typed and signed certified translation by the translator
    • In case of Civil Registration Documents and Family Registration Documents, the Royal Thai Embassy has a standard form which can be downloaded here
    • Examples of Official Translation
    • The original version of the document that needs to be certified is required. In case the original is a copy version, it must be certified by Thai Governmental agency first


  • Submission
    • Application form which can be downloaded from here
    • A copy of applicant’s passport OR Thai Identification card
    • Submission Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 09.30-11.30 am
    • The applicant needs to come in person and prepare the following:
      • Original Thai document and photocopy 2 sets
      • Original Translate version and photocopy 1 set
      • Fee S$30.- per document in cash only
      • Processing time: 3 working days